Square Root Calculator App

Square Root Calculator App

The iOS Square Root Calculator App, which you can download from the Apple App Store, will solve all of your square root math problems!

This app is uniquely built to add square roots, subtract square roots, multiply square roots, and divide square roots. Each math problem will give you the answer in two forms: the simplest radical form and the decimal form.

Of course, the app can also calculate the square root of any number. As a bonus, we have even included a tool that can simplify square roots.

With so many tools in one place, the Square Root Calculator is the only square root app you will ever need!

The app does not require an Internet connection, so you can use it anytime and anywhere. The goal was to make the app intuitive, clutter-free, fast to operate, and easy to use.

We hope that the Square Root Calculator App will become one of your favorite math apps.

The app is self-explanatory, but you are welcome to contact us with questions and suggestions.

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